Places of Interest

Pasir Padi

Pasir Padi Beach is one of the beaches on the island of Bangka. The beach is facing directly into the South China Sea. Has a coastline of 300 meters with calm waves, colour white sand and dense. Pasir Padi Beach area is an area of tourism potential in Pangkal Pinang. Visitors from outside the region or abroad, both of which arrived through Depati Amir Airport and the Port of Pangkal Balam, can go straight to the beach.

Tin Museum (Museum Timah)

The Indonesian Tin Museum is a museum showcasing lead mining technology managed by Timah. The museum was established in 1958 to record the history of lead mining on the islands. The museum's building was once home of Hoofdt Administrateur Banka Tin Winning, the head administration office for a tin mining company owned by the Dutch. 

The Cual Museum

Situated at Jalan Jenderal A.Yani in the city of Pangkalpinang, the Bangka Cual Museum opened its doors to the public for the first time back on August 2017. The museum mainly showcasing its special woven-textiles specific to the island called "Cual". In the Cual Museum, the public will be able to follow the complicated process of dye-ing to weaving a completed cloth, while on display are a number of now rare Cual cloths made over a century old.

Pagoda Puri Tri Agung (The Tri Agung Castle Pagoda)

If you want to add some "religious" things on your trip to the island of Bangka, then Pagoda Puri Tri Agung might be your best choices. Located at "Pantai Tikus" area, Pagoda Puri Tri Agung is one of the attractions as well as a place of worship for Buddhism, Khongfutze and Laotze.

Botanical Garden

One of the famous tourist spots in Bangka is nature-themed. It's called Bangka Botanical Garden (BBG). It has become an agro-tourism icon in Bangka. The location is in Bukit Intan District near Temberan Village. The BBG itself is covered by green plants and a refreshing atmosphere. On top of that, tourists can learn numerous agro activities like farming, fishery, and animal husbandry.