Megibung Seafood

magibung.jpgMegibung Seafood has been popular since it was launched early this year. It is including crabs, squids, fish, prawns, clams and sweet corn with black papper sauce or sweet & sour sauce. Served without plate, directly on your table covered with paper materials to create Balinese Megibung experience starts from IDR 250,000. Good for 2 people, available at WTF Pool & Bar on the 6 floor.

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Floating Breakfast

floatingbreakfast.jpgEnjoy Floating breakfast in Infinity Pool with breathtaking views. A sumptuous meal prepared on a tray while swimming. Instagrammers from all over the world visit Bali only to take that photo of themselves enjoying their breakfast in the pool.

The basket has fresh juice, omelete, pan cake, salad, fruits and coffee or tea at your choice starts from IDR 200,000/person.

Beside Floating Breakfast, you may create unforgetable moment during sunset with Afternoon Tea starts from IDR 150,000/person.

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